WCS Mineral Well Brine provides a superior value. It is an environmentally friendly high quality solution.

De-Ice Masters

Liquid Calcium Chloride has long been recognized as a superior compound for ice control. Mineral Well Brine is a liquid chloride product derived from naturally occurring salt obtained from the Sylvania reservoir – one mile below ground level. It is odorless and has a freeze point of -25° F or lower.

Why Liquid Calcium Chloride is effective:

  • Reacts with snow and ice upon application with faster melting than rock salt, potassium chloride or magnesium chloride.
  • Many government agencies and commercial snow and ice removal professionals have endorsed its use as an effective pre-wetting, anti-icing and de-icing agent.
  • Many rock salt blends are ineffective at temperatures below 20°F. Liquid Calcium Chloride melts ice and snow in temperatures as low as -25°F.

Why provide Liquid Calcium Chloride Ice Control Program?

  • Improved road and parking lot maintenance service
  • More effective anti-icing and de-icing with ability to melt snow and ice as temperatures plunge
  • More environmentally friendly than alternatives – eliminating the scatter and bounce effect of rock salt
  • Lower overall ice and snow melting costs

WCS is the Best for Cost & Coverage

Before the Storm: Anti-Icing

  • Often the most cost effective and environmentally safe practice
  • Requires about 20% to 50% of the material for de-icing at 10% of the overall cost
Anti-Icing Application Rate Guideline*
ConditionGallons per LaneGallons per Paved Acre
Prior to frost or black ice event20-30 gallons100-120 gallons
Prior to light or moderate snow20-30 gallons100-120 gallons

During the Storm: Anti-Icing

  • Applied to the top of an accumulation of snow, ice or frost that is already bonded to the pavement surface
  • Ice must be melted chemically to break the bond; requires larger quantities of liquid calcium chloride than anti-icing.
De-Icing Application Rate Guideline*
ConditionGallons per LaneGallons per Paved Acre
During or following
a light or moderate snow
50-75 gallons100-150 gallons
(after plowing)

Pre-Wetting and Pre-Treatment

  • Pre-treating and pre-wetting rock salt or sand results in 20% to 30% less material used
  • Saves significant money
  • Positive environmental impact
Pre-Wetting and Pre-Treatment
Gallons per TonRepresentative
Cost per Ton
Savings per Ton
Rock Salt8-10 gallons$80/ton$20/ton
Sand8-10 gallons$10/ton$2.50/ton
De-Icing Price Comparison
Ice Control ProductVolume needed per Lane Mile in Light SnowVolume needed per Paved Acre in Light SnowRepresentative Price per Gallon or TonMCS De-Ice Master Cost Savings
De-Ice Master™
50-75 gallons100-150 gallons$0.35/gallon-
Calcium Chloride
50-75 gallons100-150 gallons$0.50/gallon60%
Rock Salt0.2 tons1 ton$80/ton61%
Liquid Magnesium Chloride50-75 gallons100-150 gallons$0.65/gallon69%

*Source: Minnesota Snow and Ice Control Handbook for Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Prices regularly change due to availability and market factors.

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